Instant communication through Flexkeeping allows you to:

Carry your office in your pocket

Manage tasks, request and issues from anywhere

Report room status, mini bar charges and repairs on the go

Increase your team’s productivity

And much more ...

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You will save your hotel a fortune

132 h

Time savings


Sheets of paper


Inventory Loss

Up to

fewer phone calls

* Estimates and calculations are based on case study data obtained in a 30 day trial period in a business hotel with 173 rooms and the average occupancy rate of 82%.
* Individual results may vary according to the type of hotel and its internal organisational structure.

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Task Management

Inventory Management

Front office

Operations Management

Quality Control

Amenities Management



Lost & Found


Laundry & Linen Management

Guest Feedback Management

Guest Service Management

Minibar Postings

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